AE4JY Ham Radio

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This page is not maintained and is here for historical reference.  The projects are way out of date and have been abandoned for now. 


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 WinPSK 2.13 (Version 2.13) (Updated 6/05/03 to add PSK63)

 PSKCore DLL (DLL for developing PSK31 applications) (Updated 9/24/2008 ver 1.21 Dave,AA6YQ added PSK125 and cleaned up code)

 Dave Cook's, WA0TTN ActiveX Psk31 Control(link to Dave)

 AO40Rcv 2.04 ( AO-40 Telemetry decoder) (Updated 09/25/03 ver 2.04)

 PathSim 1.0 (Version 1.0) An HF Path Simulator(Updated 12/2/00 )

WinPSK 1.2 (Old non DLL Version 1.2 has complete DSP source code)

 MeteorSim 1.1 (Version 1.1) A Meteor Scatter Path Simulator(Updated 2012/08/25 )

 ASCP Amateur Station Control Protocol Project(Updated 12/31/02 )

 WinXcv Windows Based DSP-10 Transceiver Interface Project(Updated 10/06/02 )

 Various DSP Related Projects (version 1.90 WSCGen Updated 9-24-2008)

 The VersaBeacon Project  (Updated 5-22-04)