WinPSK Program

(Version 2.13 5-23-03)


I thought WinPSK was finally dead until the bright idea came about to move all the PSK31 DSP code into a portable DLL(Dynamic Link Library) and make it available to other software developers for use in their own PSK31 applications.

As a result, I needed a test bed for this new DLL so here comes version 2.0. A fellow ham also convinced me that WinPSK still could find some use for disabled hams who have difficulty managing a mouse. WinPSK now has been structured to be more friendly with more macros and better use of the Function keys.

This program was not intended to be a full-featured program for serious PSK31 use. It is made available to software developers as an example of how to use the new PSKCore DLL and Visual C++ to make a complete PSK31 application.

The program is free to any licensed amateur radio operator.


Revision History( from latest back to first release):


Ver. 2.13 5-23-03 Maintenance release

Functional Changes:

Added Support for double speed PSK modes(PSK63).

Requires new version PSKCoreDLL version 1.17

Ver. 2.11 Maintenance release 9-8-01

Ver. 2.12 4-27-02 Maintenance release

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem with soundcard clock adjustment on transmit signal.

Fixed problem with squelch control setting not saved correctly.

Requires new version PSKCoreDLL version 1.14

Ver. 2.11 Maintenance release 9-8-01

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem reporting in-use serial ports.

Uses new version 1.13 PSKCoreDLL.

Ver. 2.10 Maintenance release 8-4-01

Functional Changes:

Added wave file read/write support.

Added TX frequency Offset function.

Added Waterfall Palette file support.

Ver. 2.09 Maintenance release 12-24-00

Functional Changes:

Added a full duplex Satellite mode which also has a faster AFC to track signals with up to +/-20Hz/Sec Doppler shift.

Ver. 2.08 Maintenance release 8-03-00

Functional Changes:

Added an audio "rewind" feature by right-clicking in the spectrum or waterfall display will re-process the audio data up to 25 seconds back in time.

Bug fixes:

Fixed Problems in restoring the PSK31 settings from the registry.

Ver. 2.07 Maintenance release 7-23-00

Bug fixes:

Fixed Boot up crashing problem that has been a recurring nightmare since 2.00 release.

Ver. 2.06 Maintenance release 7-15-00

Functional Changes:

Allow multiple text files in macros and keywords in the text files.

Bug fixes:

Fixed Input and sync view problem with general setup.

Ver. 2.05 Maintenance release 7-02-00

Functional Changes:

Added an "Always on Top" feature in the View Menu.

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem of crashing if soundcard is in use by another program.

Ver. 2.04 Maintenance release 6-25-00

Bug fixes:

Fixed hiding cursor problem and (hopefully) the page faulting problem with text paste and macro insertion.

Ver. 2.03 Maintenance release 6-24-00

Functional Changes:

Limit frequency range to 3500Hz to reduce aliasing distortion.

Added Spectral view on top of waterfall view

Bug fixes:

Fixed Copy/Paste to TX window problem.

Ver. 2.00 New DLL release 5-29-00

Functional Changes:

Added new QSO information edit boxes

Added more macros and macro keywords

Added new signal tuning functionality.

Expanded frequency range

Cleaned up user interface

Added more user setup options

Bug fixes:

Fixed ongoing problems with AFC

Ver. 1.2 Maintenance release 4-14-00 (Last release of non-PSKCore DLL version)

Bug fixes:

Fixed QPSK lsb problem when not using Maximum likelyhood detector

Fixed Pin out error in PTT circuit diagram in the help documentation

Ver. 1.1 Maintenance release 1-23-00

Bug fixes:

Fixed FFT amplitude scaling problem

Fixed Fast DemoMode CPU %use bug

Fixed "About Box" text problem

Functional Changes:

Added Narrow AFC mode after Transmit to reduce freq drift

Added Setup links to Window's Mixer audio level control

Changed CW ID speed/spacing

Added Local Time option

Ver. 1.0 Initial non-beta release 12-30-99

Bug fixes:

Fixed missing characters at end of TX

Made AFC smoother

Fixed screen maximize restoration problem

Fixed UTC date problem

Fixed problem if Tune button was double clicked

Changed CW ID spacing

Fixed display zoom problems

Fixed(by removing) the memory resource display problem.

Fixed problem of version number in registry key

Functional Changes:

Changed FFT size to 2048 making updates faster(.37 Sec)

Zoom limit reduced to 10

Removed useless signal views(3D,I/Q,eye,large vector)

Rewrote waterfall display for 10x speedup, made color, and bigger

Changed test mode to demo mode and added fast option

Added option to turn off tx text echoing in rx window

Removed QPSK lsb mode box and moved lsb select into setup

Increased macro text size to 2K

Placed Macro title text on button and made button larger

Changed UTC time/date format

Added means to measure and adjust soundcard clock frequency

Added an input overload message to spectral displays

Added CPU too slow message in signal displays

Ver. 0.4 beta release 12-20-99 (fixed accent chars, redid macro buttons, added 'start' keyword to macros)

Ver. 0.3 beta release 12-19-99 (fixed Font save, text size limits on macros, redid string save, macro title area larger)

Ver. 0.2 beta release 12-17-99 (fixed extra 'dit' in CWID")

Ver. 0.1 Initial beta release 12-16-99



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