RxPander Project

A VHF/UHF to 5MHz Down Converter Board

Update (2014-07-14) -- Starting Re-layout board to be able to use shield over RF components.

Update (2014-08-08) -- Rev 2 was a bust.  The shield did not help with spurs.  It appears they are coming from the power planes and radiation from 10MHz clock traces.

New Rev 3 layout attempts to bury clock lines inbetween ground planes and beads to all power pins. Also changed the DDS clock to LVDS balanced drive to try and improve phase noise.  Changed all connectors to SMA.  Filters all logic signals going to RF section.  If this doesn't work then the project willl be abandoned.

                                                2014 SVHFS Conference Presentation  (3.6M .pdf)

Typical User Setup

RxPander Block Diagram

Sensitivity Measurement Method
MDS = -174dBm/Hz + NF(dB) + 10log BW (Hz)
Insert a carrier until the power in a specified bandwidth is doubled. S=N

Sensitivity Measurement Results

First Rev 1 Proto Board

In Hammond Case

Example Uses

Using RxPander with SDR-IQ Client-Server over Internet:
Atlanta Area Weather Stations and a Military Satellite

Passive Aircraft Radar Using HDTV Channel 32 ATSC Pilot signal just over the horizon:

Current Status: